Welcome Home

As though he had known nothing else before this, a barren landscape is all that is visible before him: nothingness spanned out in an infinite scale both in front and behind him, leaving him stranded in a wasteland, with nothing but the void keeping him separated from the despair that was the outside. Soft tones of beige and black adorned the visible skyline, a black ground meeting a full brown sunset. The void surrounded him; no feelings reached this void, soft thuds reverberating upon a dampening blockade, effectively closing him off from whatever outside existed beyond this landscape–there were no trees, no grass or anything resembling nature within this lackluster landscape, only a flat and barren expanse in which his solitude stood out, just shy of a monument, with its existence being the only noticeable thing within an expanse of nothing; a dull pulsing sound violently crashing against the wall which had been constructed around him, protecting him from any and every thing approaching from the outside, brought his eyes upwards from the ground, gazing questioningly at the barrier before him. His dull eyes, eyelids half closed as if he were to fall asleep at any moment, gazed longingly amongst the desolation, with no signs of recognition or regret, peering past the void with a feeling of want, that unfulfilled desire nagging at him like the bite of a mosquito, unnoticed until the slightest contact brought forth a small notion of irritation. His right hand brushed lightly against the wall set before him, a translucent divider between him and the outside world. As his hand touched the wall, a rainbow pattern moved with his fingers, tracing the patterns with which he touched the wall. At that moment, he felt the first thing he had felt in so long, as long as his perception had made him believe to have lived. His fingers ran along the wall, creating vague pictures; lost lovers, opportunities long removed; as his fingers moved along, there was one strong emotion which rang true within him: regret. In streams, tears rolled down from his eyes as he continued to stroke the wall, as though this motion would eventually bring down the barrier, this one insignificant movement. He closed his eyes, cutting off the tears. A faint shattering sound sounded in his ears, his eyes opening to a scene which he would never forget: as the barrier broke, armies of color rode in force to meet him, the previously grey and dull existence now emanating with a flurry of light, sound and feeling, though he had been born again with new eyes. “I can feel again…” The words sounded hollow, as though someone else had uttered them. “I can feel.” This time it sounded closer to home, a weak smile breaking the previously grim expression he had kept for what seemed like an eternity. As he stared out, eyes scanning among the alien landscape, technicolor foliage and neon hills, colors unnatural spread as far as the eye could see, he felt a sense of belonging, and with that, he felt the need to explore. Both hands rushed up to wipe his face, an exasperated breath releasing all of the restraint and detachment which had kept him prisoner for so long.

For the first time, he could see, and for as far as he could imagine, there was nothing but choice and chance, a life worth living.

Written By Alex Blunck


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